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Delta 8 Moonrocks

Moonrocks are the true powerhouse among the delta 8 product range. Their higher concentration of THC makes them ideal for seasoned cannabis users looking for high potency. If you’re seeking an intense and unique experience, then you need to try any of our 4 available strains.

What Are Delta 8 Moonrocks?

strongest delta 8 moonrock

When it comes to experiencing a unique high, moonrocks are a great choice. It is a delta 8 THC-infused hemp flower with D8 oil and then rolled in kief to increase its potency. After the manufacturing process, the flower looks like a dense clod with a rock-like appearance, hence the name it was given.

Although it may seem the same as a bud, a moonrock contains a much higher concentration of the cannabinoid, delivering stronger effects.

For this reason, delta 8 THC moonrocks are preferred for those who have a strong tolerance to THC. If you’re a frequent smoker, you may opt for this product, as it can make you feel a potent high. Whereas, if you haven’t tried any D8 product before, you should start with other less powerful products. You can use them to make a blunt just like you would use CBD flower, or use a pipe or a bong to smoke them.

Compared to other D8 products, a delta 8 moon rock is the main option for those who have built up their tolerance.

Another great advantage is that since it contains delta-8 THC distillate, it produces less psychoactive effects than with those containing D9, as this substance is known for being milder. Thus, it’s ideal for those who look for a full-body buzz but with fewer side effects.

D8 is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that can provide an uplifting high with intense relaxation, which makes it great for both beginners and experienced users following the recommended dose and tolerance level.

What Are D8 Moon Rocks Made Of?

smoking moon rocks

A delta 8 moonrock is considered one of the strongest products in the market and this is because of the potent blend it contains. To understand what makes it so special, it’s important to know the process of how it is made.

D8 moon rocks by Inheal contain three ingredients: CBD flower, D8 oil, and CBG kief. Don’t let their appearance fool you, as the production process is very simple.

First, the cannabis flower that comes from the plant is carefully selected. Then, the flower is infused with Delta 8 oil, which can be done by coating, spraying, or dabbing it. After that, the flower is then rolled in CBG kief to make it less sticky, increase its potency, and make it easier to smoke.

The result is a flower with a dense structure and powerful effects. Moreover, the kief adds a unique terpene profile to the product so when you smoke it you can delight in its aroma.

In case you’re considering making moon rocks, it’s also very simple, you’ll just need a flower bud, a concentrate, or distillate oil and kief, and follow the same process explained above.

Keep in mind that if you want to feel high, you need to look for psychoactive cannabinoid distillates like D8 to make your own moonrocks, otherwise, you won’t feel its potent effects.

This product with delta-8 gets you high and it can also provide therapeutic benefits. It’s a great addition for those who want to take their cannabis experience to a whole new level.

How to Smoke Delta 8 Moonrocks?

There are many ways to smoke your delta-8 moon rocks. You could prepare joints with them, just as you would with a CBG flower or any other bud. However, some users say it’s difficult to keep the blunt lit due to their sticky nature.

Nonetheless, making a blunt is not impossible. One particular piece of advice is to lay down a layer of regular flowers, then add a layer of broken-up moonrocks and top it with more flowers. This will guarantee that the delta 8 flower infused will burn evenly.

On the other hand, the best way to smoke them is by using glassware devices like pipes or bongs. To accomplish this, and enjoy having the psychoactive effects boost the mood from this product, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Break up a single moon rock nug into smaller pieces either by hand or with a knife. It’s best to avoid using a grinder due to the infusion that makes them sticky, and it can be a mess.
  2. Next, place the moonrock loosely inside the pipe, but only a small portion.
  3. Light it up with a low flame, as you want it to start burning slowly because if you apply too much heat to this delta 8 hemp flower it may catch fire.
  4. Lastly, inhale it slowly and be prepared for the trip.

Users of delta-8-thc have reported feeling relaxed and a stronger high when smoking it. Make sure to wait a little before taking another hit so you can test your tolerance. If this is your first time smoking it, you may cough a little.

Keep in mind that these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, so use them with care, particularly if you have any medical condition.

Where Are the D8 Rocks Available, Including Diverse Strain Flavors?

strain flavors

Here at Inheal, we have four different strains available, all of them painted with delta 8 THC distillate and rolled with kief.

Cool Mintz is a hybrid strain with a delicious flavor, with hints of sweetness that make it perfect for a calming experience. Users of delta-8-THC have reported feeling relaxed when they smoke this particular strain.

Tropicana, a hybrid strain, is also a cannabis flower dipped in D8 oil and coated with kief but contains a pleasant mix of flavors. Get to experience an exotic fruit taste combined with tangy and sweet hints for a refreshing smoking session. It can help you with focus and make you feel uplifted and energetic.

As its name implies, Fruity Kush has an enchanting fruity flavor with a sweet terpene profile. This hybrid strain has soothing effects that, along with a potent high, can elevate your senses.

Lastly, Cheesecake is a potent indica strain with the sweet flavor of the dessert for which it’s named. It offers a balanced high with equal effects of relaxation and energy boosting.

It’s worth noting the distinction between CBD kief and CBG kief, as we use the latter in our product to enhance its effects. Although these two are non-psychoactive cannabinoid isolates, they have different properties and thus provide different benefits.

Which Is the Strongest Moonrock?

If you have been consuming delta 8 gummies and you’re ready to try something stronger, then perhaps you’re looking for the product that will stand out among the rest.

Among them, Tropicana will surely provide more powerful sensations, as it’s a hybrid strain but sativa-dominant (70% Sativa – 30% Indica) and contains up to 27% THC. This means it’s much more potent and it can help with anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and even illnesses like high blood pressure.

Be aware that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so the results users will experience may vary from person to person due to their metabolic rate, tolerance, and other factors.

Where Can I Find Delta-8 Moon Rocks Near Me?

vape store locator

Finding delta 8 THC products is not a difficult task. You can buy them in gas stations, in most local dispensaries, and in general brick-and-mortar stores. Nonetheless, chances are that you won’t find our products there.

Thus, if you want to purchase the best delta 8 moon rocks, then you need to go to high-quality stores that sell our collections. We understand that finding a good store around the corner may be complex and, for that reason, we recommend you check out the list of premium vape shops near me.

In this list, we have compiled Premium Inhale Stores where you can confidently go and buy delta 8 moon rocks, as well as all the other products we have created.

But, if you prefer an even better option, we advise you to make your purchases online. You can get all of the products you want just by entering our online shop and placing your order. This way, you can avoid the hassle of having to go out and walk or drive to the store and, instead, get your infused moon rocks delivered straight to your home.

Also, by buying online you can take your time. You don’t need to rush, as there’s no one in line waiting for you to pay. You can read the labels and specifications of our delta 8 THC moon rocks so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Please be aware that you must be 21 years or older to purchase these products.

Legality of D8 Moonrocks

legality of d8 moonrocks

When it comes to the legality of D8 products, there is a kind of gray area. First, we have to take into account the current regulations. The Farm Bill 2018 specifies that the sale and production of hemp and its derivatives is allowed as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC and comes from hemp, not from marijuana.

In this regard, given that D8 is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, it could be considered legal. However, it’s not explicitly mentioned in the law. This is why Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are in a sort of legal vacuum.

These cannabinoids are hemp derived and legal under the federal regulations, but the matter varies at the state level.

Also, D8 products have not been confirmed by FDA-approved research, which is why there’s concern about them.

However, there’s nothing to fear, as you can enjoy them without any risk. They don’t pose any threats to your health as long as you adhere to the recommended dosage.

You can purchase our delta-9-THC edibles and any of our other products to enjoy the pleasant effects they provide.

Since our moonrock contains US grown hemp that has been infused with delta 8, and has less than the percentage of D9 THC allowed, they are considered federally legal. 

However, we advise you to check the local laws within your state as some have enforced regulations that ban the sale of D8, even though it meets the farm bill delta 9 percent.

Do D8 Moon Rocks Get You High?

Since this product contains hemp derived delta 8, once you smoke it, it enters your bloodstream and reaches your brain to deliver potent effects. The overall experience with D8 is a mental buzz and body relaxation.

Compared to D8 buds, these can deliver intense body effects as they are more potent due to the higher concentration of kief and distillate. As a result, the high can last longer.

Similarly, with D8 live resin disposables, you can also get high and feel the effects fast, but they are going to be less potent than with moonrocks, as the latter is stronger.

Since our moonrock new best sellers contain 3.5 grams, and the recommended dose to get you high is one small nug, so you’ll have enough for several smoking sessions.

According to anecdotal reports, the high concentration of this product can produce a buzz that will last for hours, and even up to the next day, particularly if you’re a new user.

In case you don’t want to get high but still want to obtain all the potential benefits of this cannabinoid, you should try microdosing delta 8. Although, microdosing with moonrocks can be a little difficult so, for this reason, it’s best to opt for gummies instead.

How Long Do They Take To Hit?

These moon rocks from the hemp don’t take long to hit, as according to some users you can feel the peak effects around just 30 minutes after consumption.

Do These Rocks Smell Like Weed?

weed smell

Just as with any other cannabinoid product, like for example delta-8 carts, moonrocks also have a particular smell. Perhaps you’d want to know if they smell like weed because you want to smoke them without anyone noticing it.

Or, maybe, you want to take them with you when traveling to deal with anxiety and insomnia but you’re not sure if drug dogs will detect them.

In any case, you should know that the smell will vary depending on the strain used to prepare the product. Some may produce a strange scent when smoked, whereas others have a delicate smell.

One of the particular characteristics of this product is that since it’s made with the highest quality ingredients, and since kief is rich in terpenes, it will have a potent smell when you smoke it.

There are not many anecdotal reports regarding the smell of this product, but some users say the scent may vary from fruity to earthy to sweet, it will depend on the strain you buy.

Regardless, if you plan to travel it’s best to check the laws in your destination to ensure you don’t have any problems when you arrive.


The statements on this blog are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. FDA has not evaluated statements contained within the blog. Information on this website or in any materials or communications from Inheal is for educational/informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any healthcare decisions, correct dosage or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

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