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G13 – THC-P Disposable Vape

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+ About Inheal disposables - G13

Get a boost of added energy with the THCP Vape G13. Enjoy a full gram of potency filled with hemp-derived THCP, considered the strongest THC in the market, and Delta 8, for an enhanced experience. Whether you want to take a break after a long day or simply promote relaxation, this Indica strain is perfect for achieving stress relief and promoting a good night’s sleep. With an earthy flavor paired with hints of pine and woody notes, it provides an all-around high that not only will kick in faster and last longer but will also taste great in your mouth. Its added natural hemp terpenes provide unparalleled sensations and make you feel calm in an instant. Grab this disposable vape and enjoy the convenience of smoking THCP.
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Lab-Tested for Purity

natural hemp ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

derived from full-spectrum hemp

Derived from Full-Spectrum Hemp

no heavy metals

No Heavy Metals

no bleaches

Organically Processed

sourced on west coast

Proudly Grown in USA

Customer Reviews

1 review for G13 – THC-P Disposable Vape


100 %


100 %


100 %

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  • Rutha R

    The G13 vape is a classic, with its signature strong effects and smooth flavor. Always a reliable choice.

    September 11, 2022
    Verified Review

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