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Rare and Exotic Cannabis Strains for the Adventurous Smoker

Are you a cannabis connoisseur looking to expand your horizons? While classic strains like OG Kush and Blue Dream are always a good time theres a whole world of rare and exotic strains out there waiting to be discovered. These unique varieties offer adventurous smokers the chance to experience totally new flavors aromas and effects.

As a disclaimer this article is strictly for adults 21+ in states where cannabis is legal. Always consume responsibly and never drive under the influence. With that out of the way lets dive into some of the most sought-after rare strains for the adventurous toker.

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Exotic Cannabis Strains

Key Takeaways

  • Rare and exotic strains offer adventurous smokers the chance to experience new flavors aromas and effects
  • Dr. Grinspoon is a unique sativa with a creative cerebral high and sweet fruity aroma similar to Lemon Haze or Jack Herer
  • Malawi Gold is a pure African sativa with energizing effects and an earthy pungent smell reminiscent of Durban Poison
  • Pinkman Goo is a rare indica-dominant hybrid with sedating dreamy effects and a tropical hash flavor akin to Bubba Kush
  • Colombian Gold is a legendary landrace sativa known for its golden buds and uplifting psychedelic high with citrusy notes like Super Lemon Haze
  • Lasqueti Haze is a rare Canadian strain with a clear cerebral high and complex spicy incense aroma similar to Haze and Pakistani Kush

Dr. Grinspoon

Named after the famous Harvard professor and cannabis advocate Dr. Lester Grinspoon this sativa-dominant strain is truly one-of-a-kind. Developed by Barney’s Farm it has a super unique bud structure with sparse airy nugs that look more like green snowflakes than your typical dense flower.

The effects are just as special as the appearance. Dr. Grinspoon delivers an energetic cerebral high thats great for creativity and social situations.

Flavor Profile

The aroma is sweet and fruity with notes of lemon and pine. If you like the citrusy zing of Lemon Haze or the piney freshness of Jack Herer Dr. Grinspoon offers a similar but unique twist.

Malawi Gold

This pure African sativa strain is incredibly hard to find outside of its native region. Malawi Gold grows wild on the plateaus of Malawi and is cultivated by local farmers using traditional techniques. The buds have a golden hue and a pungent earthy aroma.

The high is ultra-clear and buzzy perfect for a wake-and-bake session or an active day outdoors. Malawi Gold is a favorite among cannabis historians and connoisseurs for its pure unadulterated sativa effects.

Flavor Profile

The aroma is earthy and pungent with hints of sweet wood and fresh herbs. Fans of Durban Poison or African Queen will appreciate the similar earthy flavors with an exotic twist.

Pinkman Goo

A rare indica-dominant hybrid Pinkman Goo was bred by TGA Genetics as a cross of Gooberry and Harlequin. It gets its name from the pinkish hue of the dense sticky buds which are covered in a thick layer of trichomes.

The effects lean heavily indica with a sedating body high and dreamy euphoria. Medically Pinkman Goo may offer relief from insomnia and stress.

Flavor Profile

The flavor is an intriguing mix of tropical fruit pine and hash. If you enjoy the fruity funk of Bubba Kush or the hashy notes of Master Kush Pinkman Goo provides a unique but familiar flavor experience.

Colombian Gold

Another legendary landrace strain Colombian Gold was a major player in the 60s and 70s cannabis scene. Native to the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia this pure sativa is known for its golden yellow buds and sweet citrusy aroma.

The effects are classically sativa: uplifting energetic and creative. Many smokers report a psychedelic edge to the high especially in higher doses.

Flavor Profile

The aroma is sweet and citrusy with earthy undertones. Fans of strains like Super Lemon Haze or Tangie will enjoy the similar zesty flavors with a more mellow and earthy vibe.

Lasqueti Haze

This rare sativa-dominant strain hails from the remote Lasqueti Island off the coast of British Columbia. Lasqueti Haze was bred by local growers using a mix of landrace genetics from Mexico Southeast Asia and Pakistan. The buds are fluffy and light green with a complex aroma of lemon spice and incense.

The high is clear and stimulating with a strong cerebral focus. Lasqueti Haze is a favorite among artists and creatives for its ability to inspire deep thoughts and new ideas.

Flavor Profile

The aroma is a complex blend of lemon spice and incense with musky undertones. If you like the spicy notes of Haze strains or the mellow earthiness of Pakistani Kush Lasqueti Haze offers a totally unique but somehow familiar flavor.

Cultivation Tips

While many of these rare strains are difficult to find seeds or clones for adventurous growers may want to try their hand at cultivating them. Here are a few tips:

  • Do your research: Make sure you understand the specific needs of your chosen strain in terms of climate nutrients and grow setup.
  • Start small: Rare strains can be finicky so its best to start with just a few plants until you get the hang of it.
  • Be patient: Landrace strains in particular can have longer flowering times than modern hybrids. Dont rush the process.
  • Preserve genetics: If you do successfully grow a rare strain consider preserving the genetics through cloning or seed production for future grows.

Consumption Methods

When it comes to enjoying rare and exotic strains the consumption method can make a big difference in the flavor and effects. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Vaporizing: Vaping can help preserve the delicate terpenes and flavors of rare strains while delivering a clean and potent high.
  • Glass: Using a glass pipe or bong can also help maintain flavor while providing a smooth smoking experience.
  • Joints/Blunts: For a more old-school experience try rolling your rare strain in a joint or blunt. The slow burn allows you to savor the flavor and aroma.
  • Edibles: If you have access to rare strain flower you can also try infusing it into homemade edibles for a unique and long-lasting experience.


For cannabis connoisseurs and adventurous smokers rare and exotic strains offer a whole new world of experiences. From the unique bud structure of Dr. Grinspoon to the pure sativa high of Malawi Gold these hard-to-find varieties are worth seeking out. Whether youre looking for creative inspiration deep relaxation or a trippy cerebral adventure theres a rare strain out there for you. Just remember to always consume responsibly and enjoy the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these strains legal?

    It depends on your location. This article is strictly for adults 21+ in states where cannabis is legal. Always check your local laws before consuming.

  • Where can I find these rare strains?

    Many of these strains are hard to find outside of their native regions. Your best bet is to ask around at reputable dispensaries or connect with experienced growers.

  • Are rare strains more potent than common ones?

    Not necessarily. Potency depends more on how the individual plant was grown than the strain itself. However many rare strains do have unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles that can produce distinct effects.

  • How do I know if a rare strain is legitimate?

    Unfortunately strain names arent regulated so theres always a risk of mislabeling. Look for reputable sources and use your senses - if the aroma flavor and effects dont match the description it might not be the real deal.

  • Are rare strains worth the extra cost?

    Thats a personal decision. For some cannabis connoisseurs the chance to try a unique strain is worth a premium price. However there are plenty of excellent common strains available at lower price points. It all depends on your priorities and budget.


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by Chris Dorcey

A connoisseur of cannabis creativity and true contemplation with more than 20 years of experience, Chris extracts deep thoughts from getting lightly baked and shares his wandering mind. He blends cuisine and cannabis culture into nutritious, delicious recipes and insights for other hemp lovers.

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