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Inheal Founders

The story of Inheal’s origins traces back to Naz and Tim, two SoCal denizens who have a passion for Cannabis and a commitment to quality in everything they touch.

Naz had an early passion for the food industry coming out of college, and had bounced around from beverage manufacturing to fine artisan plant-based protein companies in Oregon.

After being introduced to the burgeoning canna-infused cuisine scene in Portland, he started developing relationships in the hemp cultivation community and following the passing of 2018 Farm Bill, soon started a hemp extraction and processing company, which he transformed into a wholesale distribution company.

Distribution was how he met Tim, who had been developing cannabis and full spectrum hemp derived products for years. In fact, Tim had done business with Naz, sourcing some of his finest products with Naz’s help.

That trust built a friendship, and that friendship led to a shared goal:

To develop the finest novel cannabinoids and create the coolest products on the market with a new company that they could create from the ground up.

Inheal is that company.

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