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THC-P Products

THC-P products are relatively new on the market, since they were discovered no more than four years ago. It is a substance that is obtained from the cannabis plant, so the similar effects that we are looking for could easily be found in these products.

What is THC-P?

The THC-P is a tetrahydrocannabiphorol from hemp and was discovered relatively few years ago. THC-P interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like THC does, but with greater affinity due to the CB1 receptor. This means that THC-P is 33 times stronger than traditional THC. This is because of THC-P’s extended seven atom side chain which is much longer than regular THC (we can see seven carbon atoms versus five).

When someone asks if THC-P gets you high, we can only tell you that thcp binds more readily with cannabinoid receptors, which will allow you to experience a high that you have never experienced before. For this reason, THC-P is causing quite a stir in the cannabis community, since many people are considering it the best cannabis, or rather the best way to consume it.

Its positive effects on the body have produced interest in trying it among many patients suffering from chronic pain. Products that contain THC-P are being studied to help combat discomfort related to diseases such as cancer. If you are a fan of taking Delta-8 or THC on a regular basis, do not hesitate to try THC-P, since you will love the similar sensation.

THC-P Products

THC-P vs. Delta-9: Which Is Stronger?

Since the advent of THCP for sale, the dilemma of which was the stronger of the two products arose. To get several answers and other useful facts, the key is to look at the endocannabinoid system of the body. For this reason we can find a difference between THC-P which is stronger than Delta 9, and can estimate that THC-P is much more potent than Delta 9. Therefore we already know that THC-P is stronger and we will get a much more intense trip.

So the question is does thcp get you high? The answer is yes, it does, in an even more profound way than Delta-9. This is due to the fact that THC-P affects receptors in a more direct way, thus this would interact with the endocannabinoid that is in our body. Although it hasn’t been studied because of its recent introduction to the market, it is already known that THC-P is 33 times stronger than THC and other cannabinoids.

If you are one of those who are looking for new experiences and want to try something trendier than traditional THC, perhaps THC-P is made for you. Besides, in our online store you can find a wide variety of formats to consume them, including the disposable vape.

thc-p vape

What Are the Effects of This Product?

One of the most frequently asked questions is about what psychoactive effects THC-P has, and if you consume too much thcp can it produce a problem? Knowing that it has a more powerful component than other substances, it is logical that when it is inside the brain and the nervous system, the high would be considerable.

The THC-P products are products made from hemp-derived products so they have a peculiar gift, the side effects we noticed are a euphoric high, along with some sedative effects. THC-P substances offer new therapeutic benefits such as pain relief and no nausea, as well as stimulation of appetite. No matter what product you consume, you will always get the desired effect, although remember that one of the negative side effects if you consume too much of the product can be things like dry mouth, and this is something that happens especially if you vape. It is not something dangerous, just a sensation that can stick around for a few hours, and you should not be worried if this happens to you.

Since THC-P is stronger than traditional THC, you will need a smaller amount to get high, so at the end of the day the savings will be even greater. Currently, the most used format to consume is the disposable THC-P vape. Its comfort and effectiveness have made it one of the most purchased THC-P products on our website.

Where to Buy THC-P Near Me?

THC-P products are very popular, like many others such as THC, Delta, and their varieties can be found in stores such as herbalists or gas stations. But since they are not specialized stores, the quality of hemp-derived products might not be the best. For this reason it is always better to buy them in specialized stores like ours, which also, being online, you will not even have to leave home for.

The cannabis industry is becoming more solid, and to obtain high-quality substances, the best option is to opt for brands that produce and sell their own products. In this way we will know that its chemical structure has been respected and there are no alterations during the production process. For this reason, the best way to purchase your products is by ordering from specialized online stores.

Buying substances from specialized web pages provides many advantages, including receiving all the products in a comfortable and secure way.

Advantages of buying online:

  • You will receive your products discreetly at your own door.
  • You can buy everything you need without leaving home.
  • You will certify that the thcp products are always available.
  • The quality of the vapes, gummies and other products will be superior compared to physical stores.

So you no longer need to have a THC-P store nearby, because thanks to the internet you can buy everything you need wherever you are. If you go on vacation, we will send your products to your new destination and, if you move, our substances can always accompany you.

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How Long Does It Stay In Your System?

Thanks to our accessible online store, you will find all of our products online, including vape cartridges, disposable tinctures and more. The same time that you invest in vaping THCP could also be invested in buying them on our website, and you can pick and try other things as well.

The higher quality, the less side effects you will have, like dry mouth. While you can use the THC-P disposable vape, you should know that this is thanks to research on longer alkyl side chains, which contain less than harmful effects and more of the positive elements.

Does THC-P Make You High?

The answer is yes, you get high by consuming THC-P, and the effects can be even more pronounced than when taking traditional THC. It does not matter that you are a regular consumer, or that you have a medical marijuana card, any related product that thcp may have will get you high.

If this is the first time you try it, choose a safe place and environment for yourself, where you can comfortably enjoy this new experience. Once you have tried it several times, you will learn to regulate the dose that suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most places in the United States it is legal to consume these products, but some states have banned their use. For this reason, it is important to do research about the federal laws that you have in your city before making use of any of the hemp derived cannabinoids like THC-P. The United States is a very large country with different laws applicable to each state, so in some places consuming THC-P, Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC is not allowed. Always be careful and keep up to date with the new laws to be able to continue consuming what you want calmly. What we do know for sure is that it is okay to consume in California, Oregon and Arizona, but in other places it can vary, so be careful. You should always consume responsibly.

The uses and benefits of legalized hemp and popular hemp derivatives are safe, and they are used to treating different pains and other conditions. This continues as long as the products containing thcp are made with quality and have been purchased in specialized stores.

Researchers who discovered THC-P about 4 years ago noticed that it has pain-relieving qualities. This helps us alleviate pain and relax when we are dealing with it. From what we know about THC-P, we can realize that its strength is due to the fact that it engages more effectively with the endocannabinoid receptors of our bodies, thus it would multiply its effects. This does not make it more dangerous; on the contrary, with less quantity we can still achieve better and greater effects.

No, THC-P is not a synthetic product, it is found naturally in the cannabis plant. So this means that it is not produced synthetically and would be called a natural product. But you have to be aware that it is found in very low concentrations, which means it contains less than ideal amounts of THC-P, which is why it would sometimes be synthesized from other natural hemp cannabinoids. This allows us to get higher useful concentrations of THC-P.

Thanks to this process, we can manufacture the most abundant cannabinoid in a large-scale way, and generate products such as disposable vapes or gummies, among others, while always keeping the natural top quality conditions that will allow it to achieve the desired results, with the negative THC side effects being minimal or non-existent. These are the most important concerns with these THCP products currently available.

We could say that we have a secret formula, but the truth is that these THC-P products are relatively new and are being extracted from hemp. We start by chemically manipulating CBD extracted from legal hemp plants, and from there we produce and synthesize what we need until we achieve our goal.

It is a complex manufacturing process in which we do not damage the longer alkyl side chains, as these are the key to getting the desired effect when consumed. Because the product is relatively new to being manufactured, we sometimes limited the availability in our store, but we tend to restock quickly.

Although it is of natural origin, THCP could also be synthesized, since the hemp plant contains it in a lower percentage. This does not lower the quality in any way, so we can rest easy.

Depending on the days that have passed since your last consumption and the amount that has been taken, it will be reflected in the test. As you know, THC-P is strong because it affects the body’s cannabinoid receptors, this also makes it resistant. THCP may provide a strong high with a smaller amount of the substance, but that doesn’t make it linger less in the blood.

As we always recommend, if you are going to consume watch out if you have a doctor visit soon. Although it is not illegal, it is difficult to find workplaces where this type of consumption is accepted on a regular basis.

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