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Amanita Muscaria Microdosing: Find Out How to Maximize Benefits & Minimize Risks

One of the most frequent questions we receive in our customer service mail is how to microdose Amanita Muscaria gummies and what are the advantages of this routine. We have compiled a complete guide with the best practices and every detail you must take into consideration if you want to access this fantastic trip with us.

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August 2, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Microdosing Amanita Muscaria consists of taking a smaller percentage (10-20%) of the recommended full dose.
  • Consuming a microdose of these shrooms can enhance cognitive function without the hallucinogenic effects.
  • The portion needed to microdose tends to be higher for experienced consumers than for new users.
  • The best product for microdosing Amanita Muscaria is gummies.
  • Some of the benefits of microdosing include increased creativity, increased concentration, increased well-being and total calm.
amanita muscaria microdosing

What Is Mushroom Microdosing?

Microdosing is a practice in which the user uses a low dose mushroom, a smaller percentage of the usual full dose, for a certain psychoactive substance, like Amanita Muscaria, LSD and psilocybin.

To date, concentrations have been adjusted over time gradually, the reason being that the potency of the shrooms tends to be highly variable. The new focus of research into microdosing is focused on establishing safe concentrations for users, since this practice currently presents very variable results.

Due to current lifestyle, mental health concerns represent a public health problem where more patients are interested in searching online for a solution for depression and anxiety problems, which are the most common reason for consultations. However, there is still a deep taboo on the medicinal use of magic fungi, so it is our mission to shed some light on the darkness.

The formal therapeutic use of micro-ingestion of these substances has recent origins. Years after the accidental synthesis of lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD by Albert Hofmann, this substance became a popular recreational substance during the 1960s, where it saw widespread use. This period could be considered as the psychedelic renaissance where multiple personalities, following the path of Hofmann, began to be interested in the evidence that psychedelics could improve health.

However, it was in the 1990s when clinical trials began using substances such as psilocybin and MDMA in patients to study the true potential of discreet administration of psychedelics as a therapeutic tool.

Nowadays, micro dose continues to be investigated, showing a series of benefits for users, and making more and more contributions to the field of mental health.

amanita mushrooms

How to Microdose Amanita Muscaria Mushroom?

The Amanita muscaria is a bright red toadstool with a very characteristic appearance, whose hallucinogenic properties were already known to our ancestors. The shaman or witch doctor performed his spiritual healing ceremonies with magic mushrooms, and it was also used to increase the degree of personal and collective consciousness.

Much is currently known about the properties of the Amanita muscaria or fly agaric. Moreover, there are different commercial products where interested people can experience for themselves the advantages of its psychoactive effects without altering their state of consciousness.

In smaller concentrations, Amanita Muscaria can enhance cognitive function without causing strong hallucinogenic effects. Micro-ingestion of this product can increase creativity and aid in problem-solving. Regular users of these substances have also mentioned an improvement in mood and mental state when using Amanita Muscaria under this small ingestion scheme.

The fly agaric is most frequently used after having dried it. To establish a more rigorous control of the quantities, this must be turned into powder to be able to place it in capsules and carry out the quantification of the active ingredient adequately. It can also be ingested in infusions or with liquids.

Products such as microdose mushrooms gummies are usually found on websites of highly reputable specialty stores. These stores present products with high-quality standards and make them a safer choice for users.

To determine the best quality of Amanita Muscaria-based products, it is necessary to consider the content of its active ingredients: ibotenic acid and muscimol.
Ibotenic acid is a compound present in the Amanita muscaria, which, when the fungus dries, undergoes decarboxylation and is transformed into muscimol, which is more resistant and has greater power in terms of psychoactive effects. These compounds possess hallucinogenic properties similar to acid diethylamide LSD and others.

We must remember a very important fact when examining the microdosing mushrooms quantity, there is great variability in the proportion of active components within it, so it is vital to perform the measurement very carefully to guarantee the good outcomes, thus minimizing the risks of side effects.

For this reason, medical personnel should be consulted when it is time to perform microdosing with psychedelics, especially if the patient already has an underlying disease or diagnosis that might cause concern.

To obtain the beneficial effects on a user’s cognitive function, the mushroom must be ingested by being meticulous in measuring the quantities, usually less than 1 gram of it. It should be taken every few days until the person begins to notice the effects, such as a better mood and creative problem solving.

the right amount of mushroom intake

How Much Should You Microdose? What Is the Right Amount?

Different studies have been carried out to shed light on what would be the appropriate amounts to establish a pattern for dosages that can serve as a guide and orientation for the users of these substances.

We must remember that this practice differs from merely occasional use in that consumers experience with microdosing for longer periods of time. This leads to a totally different experience than one can have when undergoing a full dose of psychedelic use taking a full mono intake.

In the study published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral [1], a scheme is proposed based on the effects reported by patients where it is suggested that the amounts of psychedelic drugs should present a dose between approximately one tenth and one twentieth of a typical intake. Several psychoactive substances were taken into account in this trial for the micro mushroom quantification, therefore there is great variability in the appearance of sensations or side effects between substances.

Another publication in Translational Psychiatry had a randomized double blind placebo-controlled design [2]. In this investigation, the patients presented effects associated with the ingestion of agaric, such as reduced anxiety and depression, a week after starting the experimental clinical trial.

Amanita Muscaria Microdosing Chart

During the pandemic period, reports around the world of people suffering from mental health disorders skyrocketed, this situation produced a peak in the statistics of cases of panic attacks, stress somatization, insomnia, among other disorders. Additionally, this brought with it an increase in cases of major depressive disorder where a considerable percentage of patients do not present an improvement in their quality of life and feel unhappiness even when under strict medical drug administration.

Driven by this desire to improve, more and more people began to investigate the ancient psychoactive property of magic mushrooms. More and more users are interested in learning about them and their health benefits that generated a sudden start opening of the mindset of consumers to accept the practice of microdosing.

In the following table, we briefly describe the technical information about the Amanita muscaria:

* This dose is recommended for users who are starting in this world, however, in experienced consumers, the amounts may be higher.

** For treatment resistant patients, the values ​​suggested in this table may be increased, for this they should consult a medical professional.

*** These effects vary widely if we consider the user’s size and age. There may be unexpected effects, such as vomiting, which may be uncomfortable for the user. Once started, you can run a mushroom mood tracker to monitor effects over time.
It should be noted that if a person decides to try this substance, it should be done with extreme caution and always under the care of an expert medical practitioner.

mushroom dose

Different Forms of Ingestion: Which Is the Best Capsule Size for Microdosing?

People who are microdosing normally should be aware that Amanita muscaria have powerful active compounds that can be toxic if taken without caution. However, if care is taken, its effects on the nervous system are not so dangerous that we should not be worried about them.

Once all the necessary precautions have been taken, it is time to decide how the mushroom dose can be started. Always keeping in mind that this practice is different from the full intakes of similar substances.

The forms of micro ingestion can be:

  • Raw: One of the simplest ways is to dehydrate the fungi and consume them directly, weighing them for use. However, for beginners this is not a safe method of consumption.
  • Powders: they are obtained after drying and grinding. This powder can be encapsulated or mixed with liquid and consumed orally in edible format.
  • Infusion: It is prepared by boiling them in water, although it is said that this procedure reduces the most annoying gastric effects, it may require more time to achieve the desired effects.
  • Edibles: As we have already mentioned, any gummies form after a very complex blending process and could probably be the easiest way to proceed, because we delegate the manufacture to a specialized company.


In the United States, the fly agaric is not specifically controlled by federal law. The permissiveness of Amanita muscaria may differ from state to state where some may have particular regulations or legislation. It is essential to investigate and understand current regulations, from governmental to the food and drug administration, as well as those of the state or specific jurisdiction in relation to use and possession.

Currently, you can get online stores specializing in the sale of this substance in various formats. Reputable stores offer the best form of consumption for newbies to microdosing. This means that a single capsule is not going to give you a high, but it will give you the benefits of a calm and more creative state of mind.

The ideal microdose mushrooms size, regardless of the micro ingestion method we have decided to use, goes around concentrations up to 1mg. Medical Health research suggests that the dosed ingestion of these substances must be carried out progressively and in a controlled manner to avoid unpleasant effects. It is recommended to wait 48 hours after taking one before continuing.

As we have previously mentioned, you can purchase these products online, where we recommend shopping at specialized stores with the best reputation and with a guarantee of product quality.

microdose chart scientific research

Can Magic Mushrooms Expire?

The way to consume most used by expert users in the cultivation of these fungi is drying, according to the study [3] Magic mushrooms, see P. cubensis or A. muscaria, when dried and stored in an airtight container, they can keep for 6 to 12 months. However, it must be considered for mushroom dosages that after about 6 months their effectiveness may be diminished, as the active compounds degrade over time.

To avoid our product perishing faster than expected, with should follow some easy guidelines for storage. The best place to store the items, should be somewhere fresh and possibly dark, like the cupboard or pantry where we usually store our food like cookies or crackers. Having all this in mind, and following any other extra guidelines that the manufacturer gives us in the box or package, we will be able to consume them within the due date to its full potential.

What Are the Most Relevant Fly Agaric Microdosing Benefits?

This practice today is a widely studied form of therapy, especially in cases of patients with treatment resistant depression and other clinical disorders which usual medication fails to alleviate, but there is still limited scientific research on the specific benefits of microdosing Fly agaric.

As widely recognized, psychedelic substances have been utilized since their inception in the management and healing of chronic nervous system disorders [4].

Furthermore, recent results indicate that psychedelics reduce activity in the brain network associated with consciousness. This reduction is accompanied by an increase in the functional connectivity between brain regions that usually function independently, which results in a sensation of mental relaxation for patients with a high-stress load such as traumatic stress disorder and similar pathologies.

Consumers report obtaining benefits from the micro-ingestion of Amanita Muscaria, such as:

  • Increased concentration: It is no longer so difficult to focus on complex tasks.
  • Increased creativity: Your ability to think artistically increases.
  • Increased well-being: Feelings of optimism and gratitude.
  • Total calm: A state of complete mental tranquility, which helps reduce stress.

We have reference to these effects in recent studies [5] carried out by the Harm Reduction Journal in a sample of 278 microdosers. A major benefit found in this study was an improvement in mood. There were other minor improvements that we must consider like appreciation of life and optimism (26.6% of the sample), better focus on tasks (14.8%), increased creativity (12.9%), among other effects.

Despite the scientific evidence, there is still controversy when conducting research due to the degree of subjectivity of user experiences. For this reason, placebo controlled trials [6] are developed to minimize this bias in the results.

Similarly, even more research models are needed to further advance learning about how controlled substances act in different populations. Taking into account patients with chronic diagnoses such as major depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post traumatic stress.

microdosing experiences

These Are Our Microdosing Experiences

“My experience with this practice has been a journey to a whole new level, and I hope it will change your mind and open your brain to therapies that you may never have considered before.”

“Let’s start by saying that I am really a nervous person. Conventional medicine made my symptoms worse in a short time, and I began to lose both sleep and my appetite. All of this scared me, until a good friend recommended I read about microdosing and its benefits for the mind.”

“At first, I did not know where to seek information from a trusted source. But little by little I was exploring online clinical trials and books on the subject. After a conversation with my non-conventional doctor, I started the therapy.”

“Due to my anxiousness, I confess that I was scared to read that magic shrooms, such as fly agaric, can induce euphoria. But after clarifying all my doubts with the physician, I decided to try the Amanita muscaria gummies, and I have nothing left to say, they are something that changed my quality of life for the better.”

“For my safety, I purchased the gummies with microdosage amounts of A. muscaria online. I always use a highly reputable service and they come with a quality guarantee that the specified quantity, up to 1 gram, is correct.
I chose the gummies because they seem like a very practical and controllable way to try them, you just have to store them in a place without humidity and with little light, like the pantry, and out of the reach of children.”

“My first intake was in a harm reduction environment. I was home supervised, in a place with environmental relaxation. The feeling of pleasure came to me in less than an hour after ingesting half a gummy, followed by a great calm where my mind was totally relaxed and chilled. Nothing really very strong, just that nice soft feeling that lingered for a few hours. I did not feel fear, since I was at home and safe.”

“The biggest advantage that I discovered is that thanks to this form of consumption, you can relieve tension and stress using the gummies, without having the hallucinogenic effects, always distancing the intakes for several days. I am currently a happy person, with a lot of control over my body and I feel more lucid, thanks to the fact that this substance gradually released my brain’s potential and I hope that in the future there will be treatment centers with trained personnel to apply these schemes in patients who need them.”


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The statements regarding the medicinal or health value of mushrooms have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Mushrooms are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information on this website or in any materials or communications from Inheal is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

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