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Which Cannabis Products Can Help You Stay Productive?

It’s no surprise that cannabinoids affect productivity. After all, the “lazy stoner” stereotype exists for a reason. Cannabis’s effects on productivity are not monolithic, however. Newly published research is challenging long-held assumptions about the plant at the same time that cannabis is becoming legal in more regions worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Sativa strains are known for providing an uplifting and energetic high that can boost productivity.
  • Research has proven that the use of recreational marijuana has an incidence in the increase in work capacity among older generations.
  • Cannabinoids can help with pain management and reduction and thus have a positive impact on people’s performance at work.
  • Non-psychoactive cannabinoids, like CBD and CBG, can increase productivity and enhance creativity.
  • To boost productivity it is best to consume a lower dose of 10-15 mg of cannabinoids.

Are Cannabinoids Capable of Boosting Productivity?

The lazy stoner trope has significantly contributed to the idea that cannabis users are unmotivated slackers. Generally, people know that a high-potency indica can quickly sap a person’s vitality, forcing them to spend hours on the sofa. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are often credited for improving attention, enhancing productivity and boosting energy.

Several respected people have pointed to marijuana as a key factor behind their increased productivity. In an article about cannabis, Carl Sagan stated that the drug had different effects on different people. For Sagan, cannabis  enhanced his “torpid sensibilities,” as he put it. He said that marijuana improved his appreciation of art, and he recounted an anecdote describing how cannabis took him on a journey of thoughts and writing.

But is anecdotal speculation the only reason to believe that cannabis can improve productivity? Or is there something more? The first step to answering this is sorting out the science behind what makes us productive.

consuming cannabis for productivity and creativity

Can Cannabis Influence Our Productivity?

There are numerous reasons people have a hard time staying productive. It might be a tendency that they have had since childhood. Other people may have trouble maintaining a balanced lifestyle, while others may have to deal with physical distractions. It may also be influenced by a person’s stage in life or the stage in their career. 

For instance, when governments legalized recreational marijuana in some regions of the US and Canada, one research report found that older generations’ productivity increased upon use of cannabis products. The research found a positive correlation between cannabis use among adults aged 40 to 62 and increased involvement in the labor market.

One key association explored in the study was between cannabis and pain

Older workers have a higher likelihood of being in chronic pain, which diminishes their performance. Since one of the most well known benefits of cannabis is that it reduces pain, the research paper’s conclusion is in line with the common-sense notion that when individuals aren’t in pain, they work more efficiently.

Another study indicated that using marijuana after work had no discernible negative effect on people’s performance the following day. This finding refutes the belief that cannabis users are fundamentally lazy. In fact, when consumers are searching for a more balanced state of mind, they commonly enjoy modest doses of THC, often around 2.5-10 milligrams.

How to Use Cannabis to Discover a Balanced State

The cannabinoid product you choose and how you choose to use it are deciding factors in achieving peak productivity and a “balanced state.” Customizing specific cannabinoid formulations is a fantastic method for finding the optimal effect you hope to experience. 

Most cannabinoids, such as delta 8, 9, 10, or THCV, influence perception at lower doses than at higher amounts. Although THCP, THC-O, and CBN do not operate as effectively, they are known to leave people feeling invigorated and creative.

Non-psychoactive cannabinoids have been shown to increase productivity. CBD and CBG have been found to aid with underlying issues that limit productivity, such as stress and anxiety. Although studies on cannabis’ role in boosting productivity are still in their nascent stages, people all over the world have shared their experience in using cannabis to optimize their creative potential. .

So how do you find the approach and product that works best for you? Slow and steady is likely the best approach to discovering the best fit for you. Begin with a modest dose and gradually build up with time. This approach will better position you to discover a balanced 

state of mind. At the end of the day, people differ, and taking things slowly guarantees that you don’t miss a step and that you maintain control. After all, THC at higher dosages has a detrimental effect on productivity. Excessive usage can trigger nausea, anxiety, paranoia, and panic. Furthermore, continuous usage or overuse of cannabinoids can stifle productivity and creativity. Although overdosing is rare, in the beginning, it’s better to take things slowly in order to avoid unpleasant side effects.

How to Use Cannabinoids for Enhanced Productivity

Using cannabinoids with the primary objective of boosting productivity has its limitations. To get the best out of your approach, you need to understand the structures and modes of thinking and creativity. 

You can break down the creative process into four steps:

  • Preparation

This stage involves gathering everything necessary to begin the task at hand. It means immersing yourself in information related to what you are about to do.

  • Incubation

In this step, your ideas begin to merge into something intelligible. After your preparation phase, you need time and space to analyze your experience and figure out how to proceed.

  • Illumination

You might call this the “Eureka” moment. Divergent thinking can bring us the epiphanies we need in order to achieve a breakthrough. 

  • Verification and Integration

Finally, we need to tweak and mold our ideas until they attain their best form. Creating anything requires multiple revisions. It demands viewing our  work through a critical lens. After this process, we can vet its worthiness and see how it contributes to the bigger picture.

beautiful cannabis hemp leaf

Where Do Cannabinoids Fit Into the Creative Process?

Cannabinoids can be used in a variety of ways as a positive in the creative process. Preparation and incubation are the phases where they can have the most influence. After all, generating fresh ideas and developing them is often challenging. By entering a different mental state and putting a new spin on older concepts, we can reframe problems in new ways, thereby increasing the chances of developing novel solutions.

Cannabinoids may eventually aid us in the divergent thinking phase of the creative process, resulting in breakthroughs that we can put into action. However, divergent thinking can pose a challenge on its own. Some activities, such as multiple-choice assessments, spelling tests, and tasks with a quantitative or specified solution need convergent thinking, which cannabis may hinder. The way to think about it is to use cannabis as a tool: just as you want to use the right tool for the right job, you want to use cannabis and the mind state it puts you in for the right task.

It’s time to challenge the trope that cannabis will make you lazy. New research is finding a positive correlation between certain cannabinoids and productivity.
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January 25, 2023
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Best Cannabinoids for Improving Your Productivity

Have you decided that cannabis would make a great addition to your overall productivity? If so, check out some of the options below:

Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC has a comparable high to Delta 9 THC. However, it is more relaxing and generates lower levels of nervous energy. It’s ideal for people who find marijuana too powerful or don’t reside in places where marijuana is legal. 

The only concern is that one can become too drowsy with over-consumption. To get the best out of your experience, we recommend adhering to roughly 10–15 mg of D8.

Delta 9 THC

The primary cannabinoid that generates a true high is Delta 9 THC (you can try this in our Meltz Gummies). It’s fantastic for creativity, but can be overpowering. If your objective is to reach enhanced productivity, you should stick to smaller dosages than you would with Delta 8.

Delta 10 THC

D10 is another Delta 9 isomer, which means they’re similar in many respects. Delta 10 is better at stimulation than with relaxation. This chemical is excellent for boosting creativity, productivity, and attentiveness.


While people generally see CBD as a means for pain and anxiety relief, they may also find it can help them to focus and increase their productivity. Incorporating CBD into your morning ritual can significantly improve your performance during the day, the untold positive outcomes as you go about getting things done.


Cannabigerol (CBG) is present in cannabis plants, but it doesn’t occur at substantial levels in nature. With several characteristics similar to CBD, it’s become a well-known player in the health and wellness market, especially in making CBG kief for our premium pre-rolled blunts.

CBG stimulates adrenergic receptors, giving you a jolt similar to coffee but not quite as strong. Unlike the others, CBG does not induce a high and is not likely to make you sleepy when taken in excess.


THCV is a good option for increasing productivity. Unlike other cannabinoids, its chemical structure distinguishes itself with distinct effects. For starters, it suppresses hunger, whereas many other cannabinoids stimulate it. While it has certain effects comparable to Delta 9, it is often less psychoactive, and many individuals report that it sharpens their focus. The typical dosage is between 15 and 20 mg.

Closing Thoughts: Being More Productive With Cannabinoids

Adopting healthy habits in everyday life is a major part of overall productivity. Getting a good night’s rest, taking regular breaks, and avoiding mental over-exhaustion can go a long way towards keeping both your mind and body healthy. Everything else, including using cannabinoids, serves only to augment these underlyingly positive habits. 

All in all, when used appropriately, cannabinoids can inspire creativity, boost results, and increase productivity. Several studies suggest that it can kickstart areas of our brains that are responsible for conjuring new thoughts and linking old concepts in new and exciting ways. Find your best mix by understanding your needs and how your body reacts to the many cannabinoids at your fingertips.

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