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Key Takeaways

  • Moonrocks are hemp flowers coated with D8 distillate and then rolled in kief, having a rock-like appearance.
  • The best way to consume moon rocks is by smoking them using a glass smoking device like a pipe or bong.
  • The most common strains used for moonrocks are Hybrid strains as they provide a balanced and potent high.
  • It’s possible to make moon rocks at home by using flowers, distillate or concentrate, and kief following a simple process.
  • Moonrocks are intended to be smoked, thus it’s not advisable to eat them straight or use them to make recipes.

What is Moonrock Weed?

smoking moon rocks

Moonrock weed, most commonly known as just moon rocks, is a cannabis product highly sought after by those with a high tolerance who want to feel a more potent high. They are not just like any other product, as they offer a unique experience.

In the case of a delta 8 moonrock, it is a high-grade flower coated with D8 distillate or concentrate, and then rolled in kief. The result of this process is a dense and powerful nugget shaped like a rock, hence its name.

It’s aimed at those who have been consuming cannabinoids for a while and want to try something stronger. Thus, they’re able to enjoy the moon rock experience more.

On the contrary, this product is not suitable for new users as it can be too potent for them. If you smoke them and you’re not a frequent user, it may increase your heart rate or make you feel strong psychoactive effects.

Given that these rocks contain higher THC levels, they provide an intense high, more than an average blunt.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

how to roll

You don’t need much to smoke moon rocks, just a few materials to get started. You can opt for preparing a blunt, although it’s not the most common method, or use a pipe or bong.

Regardless of the method you use to smoke them, the first thing you have to do is break up the cannabis bud into smaller pieces. You can do this by using a sharp knife, scissors, or just your hands.

Make sure you don’t use a grinder, as it will only make it more difficult to smoke. Also, make sure to not crush up the rock. The point is to break it into bits to make it more manageable so that it’s easier to smoke it.

In addition, given that this product is highly potent, you also have to take into consideration that you cannot smoke the whole jar at once. The recommended dose is 1 gram or a single nugget to start.

Some users like to add regular cannabis flowers to the smoking device along with the rocks, as it can add more potency or flavors. However, this is optional, for when you want an extra kick. If you prefer to smoke the rocks alone, then that’s totally fine.

Regarding the various forms of smoking moon rocks, you can choose based on your preference. In case you want to prepare a blunt, you have to take into account that this is the hardest way to smoke it, this is because it struggles to stay lit due to the concentrate and kief.

Some people prefer to use a glass hand pipe but don’t use a thin pipe, as it can get clogged with the distillate. In this case, it’s better to use a wider pipe. You could also use a bong bowl or a bubbler, it’s up to you.

Another important consideration is how to light it. It’s advisable to use a hemp wick, which can be easily found in a dispensary, as it’s a softer flame. Avoid using a large flame like a gas burner as it can heat the bits too quickly and you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Once you have everything ready, you have to follow the next steps to start smoking:

  1. Cut your moonrock into smaller pieces.
  2. Pack your glass piece (pipe, bong, etc.) with the bits and press it down.
  3. Light it with a soft flame to avoid overheating the product and burning it.
  4. Inhale slowly and make sure to take a small hit. Exhale slowly, enjoying the flavor and aromas.

As you can see, you can enjoy the high potency of moon rocks easily. You don’t need much to have a pleasant smoking session. Just some high-quality moonrocks by Inheal and your preferred smoking device.

How to Roll These Rocks

Since these rocks are flowers enhanced with cannabis oil and then rolled in kief, many users think they can prepare them just by using standard rolling papers. Although it’s possible to do so, it’s not advisable. Even though it’s not hard to break the rocks into tiny pieces and roll them, the difficulty comes when you want to light it up.

Due to the sticky nature of the distillate, once you light up your blunt or joint it may start burning, but it won’t burn properly and won’t even stay lit. This is why for smoking this product it is better to use a smoking device made of glass.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t add them to a blunt as a way to enhance your smoking experience. You can prepare a joint using a bud of the marijuana plant and sprinkle some tiny bits on top to boost its potency.

And, if you want to enhance the blunt even more, you can add some cannabis delta 8 concentrate to make it a little stronger, but make sure to smoke it with care when testing your tolerance.

Can You Grind a Moonrock?

Although using a grinder is the best way to prepare flowers for smoking, it’s best not to do it with moonrocks. Either dipped in hash oil or D8 distillate, these rocks will end up being sticky, and, once you put them in your grinder, you will create a mess.

Don’t even try it, as it can clog up your grinder and you won’t be able to smoke the product or even use your grinder anymore. In this case, it’s best to use your hands, scissors, or a knife to cut up the nugget.

How to Smoke Moonrocks With a Pipe

Moonrocks caught attention when the West Coast rapper Kurupt popularized them and became open about smoking them. Actually smoking them is very simple. As we have explained above, you have to break up the nugget into pieces so you can fill your pipe with it. 

If you prefer, you can enhance your experience for more intense effects using cannabis flowers. First, fill the bowl with the flowers and leave some space for the rock on top. Apply low heat to your pipe, once it starts burning you can take a small inhale. Hold the smoke and then exhale it slowly.

It’s very likely that you’ll cough after your first exhale, especially if you’re new to moon rocks, but don’t worry, it’s normal and it will stop as you get more experienced.

Lastly, be careful, as you can get high quickly. Don’t take too many hits one after another. Take the first inhale and exhale, and wait for a few minutes to let the effects kick in.

Can You Smoke Moonrocks Straight?

Given the convenience of moonrocks, they’re a great product to use when you want to enjoy a smoking session. Although they’re a form of cannabis flower, you don’t have to prepare them beforehand or do anything before you want to smoke them.

This is why this product is one-of-a-kind, as you can have weed at your disposal without issues. If you want to smoke, you simply grab your marijuana moon rocks, break them up, fill your pipe or bong, and start smoking.

What Is the Best Way to Smoke Moonrocks?

smoking with a pipe

As we have mentioned before, it’s best to smoke this product using a smoking device made of glass, as it makes the rock burn evenly and prevents overheating. This way, you can feel the primary psychoactive effects once you inhale the smoke.

When you smoke products like marijuana moon rocks, you can either use a pipe or a bong, but which one is better? In this regard, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of each one.

In terms of cost, a pipe requires a smaller investment than a bong. Also, a pipe is easier to use as it’s smaller in size, thus it’s more suitable for beginners, whereas bongs that include extra elements are better for experienced users.

Nonetheless, when it comes to smoke quality, bongs tend to beat pipes due to their water filtration system, which some people believe increases potency. In fact, those who smoke this product using a bong say it gets them higher.

Studies have shown that bongs don’t influence the potency, what really happens is that since the device cools the smoke people inhale more, as it’s lighter and smoother, without coughing, and thus they feel the effects faster and they believe it’s due to a high THC content.

Whether you decide to use a pipe or a bong, make sure to follow the safety tips for smoking moon rocks such as inhaling slowly, using a soft flame, and staying in a relaxing setting, as well as avoiding operating heavy machines or driving.

Keep in mind that the effects they provide will vary depending on every user, as some may experience paranoia or anxiety with possible increased heart rate. This can happen only if you exceed the proper dose.

For this reason, they are deemed not suitable for new users, instead gummies or vapes are recommended for the first time consuming this substance.

In this regard, you have to consider checking the delta 8 dosage chart if you’re not an experienced consumer. And, if you haven’t smoked D8 before, you should start with another product like vapes, as they’re less strong.

What are Moon Rocks Made Of: Most Common Cannabis Strains

common cannabis strains

As you may already know, there are three main types of strains for preparing products for cannabis use. Sativa strains are said to be more uplifting and thus perfect for daytime use, whereas Indica strains are claimed to be more relaxing and suitable for unwinding after a long day. Lastly, Hybrid strains are thought to be more balanced as they are a cross of Indica and Sativa.

Originally, cannabis products like moon rocks were made with the GSC (Girl Scout Cookie) Indica-dominant strain, but nowadays many different strains are used.

Nonetheless, the most common cannabis strains for moonrocks are the Hybrids, as they combine powerful effects. All of this paired with concentrate and kief can create an explosive mix of around 50% THC.

Also, the color of the rock will vary depending on the strain used, as well as the unique effects it can deliver.

At Inheal we provide four different types of moonrocks, with a boosting amount of THC, made with top strains that will make you feel incredible sensations. Firstly, we have Cheesecake, the only Indica-dominant strain available, with an extremely sweet flavor and cheesy notes. It will make you feel relaxed and sleepy, with a potent mental buzz.

Tropicana is a potent Hybrid strain with an exotic tropical flavor for an uplifting experience. Fruity Kush is another hybrid strain that provides a well-rounded experience with a blend of sweet flavors, whereas Cool Mintz, another hybrid strain, provides a cool sensation with hints of candy and mint for a calming experience.

Do you know what are the effects of these moonrocks? With just hemp flower, D8 concentrate and CBG kief, this product provides a potent high that can even affect a person with a high tolerance.

Inheal’s first line of branded moon rocks is perfect for those who want to try out the most powerful strains and enjoy a buzz like no other.

Just make sure to let the effects kick in before inhaling too much, based on the potency and your tolerance.

How to Make These Moonrocks?

how to make moonrocks

If you want to make this premium product in the cannabis market at your home, you can do it easily. You just need to look for the right components and elements, and you’re ready. This is particularly useful if you have some kief or some flowers stashed away and you want to enhance your smoking experience.

Choose the strain

To prepare your rocks, you need to choose your favorite strain based on the effects you want to feel. You can opt for buying a wholesale THCA flower or any other of your preference. However, make sure that the bud is solid and dense, as they work best. This is to avoid it crumbling when you’re preparing it.

Use parchment paper, wax paper, or a mat to place your buds on and infuse them with the concentrate.

Add the concentrate

You can use any type of concentrate or cannabis oil to infuse your buds. Make sure to decide beforehand so that you can prepare it properly.

Given that the concentrate will be too viscous, you have to heat it to make it more fluid. To do this, you can put the concentrate in a bag and submerge it in a cup of hot water for about 5 minutes.

Once you see it’s more liquid, you can either use an eyedropper or a syringe to cover your buds.

Cover the bud

The next step will be to cover the flower with the oil or concentrate. You can use tweezers to grab the buds and use the dropper to cover them. Once you’re satisfied with the coverage, you can use a small brush or a dab tool to spread the concentrate to ensure better coverage. However, this is optional.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to dip the concentrate in the oil as this may make it too wet, and thus take longer to dry and be harder to smoke.

Roll it

Next, you have to cover the buds in kief. To achieve this, you have several options. You can put some parchment paper in a small dish and place your kief to roll the bud using your tweezers. Or you can just sprinkle the kief by hand but, in this case, it could get messier.

Let them dry

Lastly, move your rocks into a glass jar to let them dry with a piece of paper. This is to avoid them getting dusted or dirty.

The time it will take to dry depends on how it’s made. For example, if you’ve used too much oil, they can take longer to dry. In some cases, it can be as fast as 48 hours, while in others it may take up to 5 days.

This step is the most crucial, as you have to let your buds absorb the concentrate by drying properly. Wet rocks can be difficult to smoke, as they won’t light, and you will end up losing the ingredients you’ve used.

Once you check the moisture level and they’re dry enough for you, move them to a weed jar and put them in a dark place. You can smoke them whenever you want and enjoy the amazing flavors that will vary depending on the strain you have used.

How Strong Is a Moon Rock Compared to Other Alternatives?

strongest rocks available

Moon rocks are extremely potent, this is why they’re considered a powerhouse in the cannabis market. For this reason, they’re not recommended for new users as it can hit them too hard.

Compared to a delta 8 flower, rocks are like an enhanced version,since they contain concentrate and oil. Thus, flowers are less potent and less convenient, as to smoke them you have to prepare your blunts.

In case you don’t want to make joints, you may opt for pre-rolls or disposable vapes, which allow you to smoke conveniently. However, compared to rocks, these are less potent and won’t provide strong effects.

Gummies, on the other hand, have a high content of THC but they’re not at the same level as moonrocks. Smoking or vaporizing moon rocks can deliver a dank high, much more than eating gummies. In addition, for those who don’t like to smoke, gummies are an option.

Potent products like marijuana moon rocks are aimed at seasoned cannabis users as they can provide a unique and extreme experience.  

Another important aspect to consider is convenience. This product is perfect for enjoying a smoking session easily, as you don’t have to prepare a joint, you just need a smoking device. The flavor of moon rocks can vary depending on the strain, but generally, they are more flavorful and with richer aromas, as they contain three ingredients.

So, if you’re an experienced user and a connoisseur of the cannabis culture, and you’re looking for an easy-to-use and powerful option, then these rocks are perfect for you.

Are Weed Moonrocks Legal?

grinding a moonrock

When it comes to the legality of moon rocks, it is not an easy matter as there’s a legal loophole that has allowed its sale. According to the Farm Bill 2018, hemp and its derivatives are legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.

This is important as it makes the distinction between regular weed and “legal weed” in the United States. Regular weed, with a higher content of THC than the one established in the bill, is not allowed for sale or distribution

Since Delta 8 is a cannabinoid occurring naturally in hemp plants, it’s federally legal to make products with it as long as it complies with the THC percentage. But, since it’s not explicitly mentioned in the bill, it’s considered to be in a gray area.

With all this in mind, it’s important to point out that even though this product is legal and you can go to the nearest vape shop and purchase it, you still need to check your local laws. This is because in some states it is considered illegal, even though it follows the guidelines of the bill.

This is particularly necessary if you’re planning to travel to another state and take your D8 products with you. Make sure to also check the airline policies on how to pack your moonrocks and what to do before, during and after your flight.

In case you’re planning to travel abroad, in most European countries Delta 8 is not legal, so in this case it’s best to avoid taking them with you at all.

Can You Eat Moon Rocks?

Even though this product has an amazing look, and once you smoke it you taste great flavors, it doesn’t mean you can take them directly in your mouth. Most likely they won’t taste good, and you won’t feel the effects of a high. Also, eating them raw can be harmful as you may face the potential risks and side effects of marijuana. Lastly, they don’t provide any nutritional value.

This is because moon rocks are intended to be smoked. Instead of eating moon rocks, just smoke them, sit and chill, and wait for the strong sensations to kick in.

On the other hand, you may use moonrocks for preparing edibles or recipes like brownies, but this is also not recommended, as it would be a waste of such a great product.

If you want to make edibles or a weed recipe, then it’s best to use the base ingredients, like the oil or your favorite concentrate, separately. Moonrocks are great for smoking, so don’t waste them by preparing recipes that won’t taste good.

Final thoughts

Moon rocks offer an ultra-potent cannabis experience, but require care. Start with small doses to test tolerance. Break up the rocks – don’t grind. Use a glass pipe or bong with a soft flame for best, smooth results. While the heavy flavors tempt eating raw, refrain – moon rocks are made for smoking. Verify legality where you are. With precautions, moon rocks provide seasoned cannabis users a convenient way to elevate smoking sessions.


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