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THCA Blunt – Diamond Infused Habitas

Experience a luxurious blend of the finest THCA flower and extract with our Habitas THCA blunts infused with diamonds. Each blunt boasts 2 grams of exotic THCA flower coupled with 0.5 grams of shimmering THCA Diamonds extract, delivering an unparalleled potency of approximately 37%. Expertly hand-rolled in a natural hemp leaf and finished with a glass filter, every puff promises smooth and rich flavors. Share the magic with friends – these blunts are not just a smoke, but a statement. Fall in love with every hit and elevate your moments together.

2 grams of exotic THCA flower and 0.5 grams of THCA Diamonds extract.


We Guarantee


Lab-Tested for Purity

natural hemp ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

derived from full-spectrum hemp

Derived from Full-Spectrum Hemp

no heavy metals

No Heavy Metals

no bleaches

No Bleaches

sourced on west coast

Sourced on the West Coast

THCA Blunt – Diamond Infused Habitas