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Discover Budtender Life: Work at a Cannabis Dispensary

How to build a career at the forefront of cannabis innovation? Get a job at a cannabis dispensary, and step into the dynamic role of a budtender.

Chris Dorcey
Inheal Editor
Post date
February 22, 2024
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6 mins 36 secs
working at a dispensary

Key Takeaways

  • Starting a dispensary in the USA involves doing extensive research on local and state requirements, as well as cannabis licensing legality.
  • Some of the steps for launching a weed shop are preparing a business plan, leasing or buying a property, applying for a dispensary license, and obtaining local approvals.
  • To save costs and boost profits, it’s best to opt for wholesaler options as it allows for an assorted selection of products.
  • Being part of the Inheal Premium Vape Store Program can guarantee stock and provide access to unmatched discounts.
  • It’s important to comply with the eligibility criteria to start a herb boutique, which has limitations on people who are underage or have a criminal history.

How to Work at a Dispensary?

The cannabis industry is still on the rise and it’s expected to continue growing in the following years. Therefore, investors and entrepreneurs are starting to look at this sector as a promising one for obtaining a great income.

Starting your own smoke shop involves dealing with legal challenges and risks, but, once you manage to sort them, you can obtain amazing benefits, particularly if you have an excellent supply of cannabinoid products at wholesale prices such as those provided by Inheal.

In addition, you can start offering cannabis dispensary jobs and create a successful business that helps others.

To start your weed store, you have to consider the legal requirements of your state, gather the required documentation, and get the best products to sell. Also, you can do your cannabis training to offer a better experience to your customers and address their needs.

If you want to be one of the cannabis experts, you have to understand the process step by step, and carefully research your local and state requirements before launching your business.

What Do You Need to Launch a Dispensary?


Launching a dispensary to sell medical cannabis and cannabinoid products involves following a long process.

As the legal framework concerning cannabis continues to evolve and vary, it’s crucial to be up-to-date with the latest procedures and opportunities available in order to have a successful business.

Once you launch your dispensary, you can become part of our Premium Certified Vape Shop List. This way, users can find your store when they are trying to find a vape store nearby.

Research About the Application Procedure

First of all, given that the law and compliance regulations regarding smoke shops vary across states, it’s important to do thorough research about the state’s procedures and legislation.

In some states, the cannabis market is considered mature, as there are many dispensary owners thanks to its regulatory landscape. Whereas in other states there’s an emerging cannabis market and thus the regulations to follow are being constantly refined.

What’s more, in some states, cannabis products are totally forbidden by law. Therefore, opening a weed shop would be completely illegal.

In this regard, if opening this type of store is your dream job, then you’ll have to learn about the legal requirements you have to satisfy.

Also, make sure to do your research about the type of license you will need and how to obtain it. In this case, it’s better to work with an attorney or a consultant who can guide you on what specifically you need to open your business.

Thus, you have to meet the “must haves”, which are the conditions for starting your cannabis career and ensuring your license gets approved, and check on the “red flags”, which are the aspects that can cause a rejection of your application.

As a properly licensed marijuana store, you can offer an unparalleled cannabis industry experience, and continue operating by ensuring you stay within legal confines at all times.

Prepare the Business Plan

business plan

Once you are aware of the procedure you should follow in your state, you have to prepare your business plan. Ever since some states started legalizing adult-use cannabis, this industry became saturated, thus it’s highly competitive.

For this reason, if you want to be one of the cannabis professionals, you should write a solid business plan that will guide you to success.

This document will be your roadmap, so you have to outline your objectives and strategies on how you’ll achieve them. In this case, you have to think of your dispensary employees, deciding who will be in charge of what, establishing each role, how to manage finances, taxes, and more.

Also consider your potential suppliers, as you have to take into account where you will get your products. It’s best to purchase bulk THCA flowers and wholesale options as this is a cost-saving solution.

Rent a Property

renting a property

Next, you have to look for the perfect place for your shop. Keep in mind that the location plays a key role, as you have to consider many aspects.

Since cannabis legalization, it’s possible to rent and even buy a property to run your herb boutique, but you have to check the state’s regulations as to where you can locate it, so it’s good to look for commercial retail properties where you can run your business as they comply with local regulations.

Keep in mind that you want to maximize your visibility, as you want people with cannabis knowledge to find you. You should consider traffic patterns, accessibility, and parking options, as well as security requirements, demographics, and population.

Lastly, consider the layout of the building or the property. If you have other businesses around, you can make connections and have them spread the word about you being there.

Complete Licensing Requirements

You must gather the required paperwork and documentation to start the application process for your license. Based on the research you’ve done previously about the procedures to follow; you have to fill out the necessary forms and prepare the supporting documents as per your state’s requirements.

In this step it is advisable to prepare a detailed checklist with everything you need to become an entry-level cannabis entrepreneur. This will help you ensure you don’t miss anything.

After that, you have to submit everything to the state licensing authority and wait for a review, background check, and, ultimately, approval. If there’s any issue, you’ll be notified so that you can respond

Pay the Licensing and Application Fees

The cost of applying for a license varies from state to state. In some places like Washington, the application fee is less than $300, which is a great perk, whereas in others, like Michigan, the fee is around $6000 and it’s non-refundable.

In most states, applicants have to attend an in-person consultation after the initial application. At this time, if the application is approved, most states require applicants to pay the licensing fee.

Once you have your license, you can start selling everything you want, from HHC cartridges to any other cannabinoid product.

Get Local Approval

In some states, you have to apply for local approval for your dispensary job after having obtained state approval, while in others you have to apply first for local approval and then state approval.

For this reason, we cannot stress enough how important it is to first do your research. This is why you have to know the steps that regulate the process of starting your dispensary and follow them accordingly.

Some of the local requirements include adhering to zoning or jurisdiction requirements for your marijuana store, as well as other requirements established by your county or municipality.

In this case, you have to check if local approval is a prerequisite for state approval. If you don’t follow the order, you will automatically disqualify from obtaining a license.

Obtain a Good Product

Once you have dealt with all the local regulations, documentation, and other tedious tasks, is when the fun begins.

Your next move will be to decide on which products you’re going to sell in your store. There are many options and a wide variety of products to choose from.

However, becoming a brand ambassador of Inheal is a great idea. This is because we offer many cool products, such as amanita muscaria gummies, and a vast array of cannabinoids.

In addition, you can buy at wholesale prices and get bulk products to fill your weed store with the best that’s in the market. You can access our Inheal business and see the selection of our wellness products. Get product knowledge and unmatched discounts by becoming an Inheal wholesaler.

Hire Employees

Keep in mind that your staff are also a key factor for your business. If you open a big store, you cannot do all the jobs by yourself. As the owner, you can work as a general manager, overseeing that all operations are carried out correctly.

In addition, you’ll need to hire a retail store supervisor, that will be in charge of restocking and monitoring personnel.

In case you are going to work also in cultivation and developing products, you may want to look for a production technician to support you.

Lastly, you need people to attend to customers, such as a retail pharmacist and a cashier.

In some cases, as a small business, there’s no need for hiring managers. You can do this as your business continues growing and the need for staff increases.

Also, consider that you have to develop training programs for your staff if you want them to know more about the product and how to provide a good service.

Advertise Your Dispensary

advertising a dispensary

Lastly, to ensure your business is successful, you need to know how to advertise it. In this case, it’s advisable to follow companies that work in your area to see what they’re doing, what’s working and what’s not.

Also, if you forge relationships with other businesses and customers, you can expand your presence to a larger audience.

Your goal should be to attract people to your store. Once they’re on-site, you need to ensure they’re satisfied.

Make sure to guarantee excellent customer service. Clients who walk into your store will want to come back and continue buying if you treat them properly and address their needs.

Having great budtenders, with enough knowledge about your products, will make a big difference. Make sure to hire outstanding employees to run a solid business.

Do You Need a License to Start a Dispensary?

Not having a license is equal to not being able to start your dispensary. A license is like a certification, and, as such, it means that your business is legal and complies with the local requirements for selling cannabis products.

Depending on the state where you want to apply for the license, the rules may vary. For example, in Arkansas, there are applications for becoming a cultivation agent and for opening a weed shop run by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission.

In Maine, for instance, there are two types of licenses, one for medical marijuana businesses and the other for recreational marijuana businesses, and in Virginia, it’s only possible to request cannabis licensing as a cultivator.

Overall, to start your cannabis business you have to learn about the state licensing authorities so you can know where to submit your application to get your license.

How Can I Access the Inheal Premium Vape Store Program?

convicted felons at a dispensary

Do you want to be part of the Inheal premium vape store program? You can access Inheal Business, sign up, and wait for the team to approve your request.

After it’s done, you can take advantage of all the benefits our program has to offer, such as access to discounts, custom and direct access to the company, hands-on experience, guaranteed stock, and more.

You can read all the information about the products and act as a wellness advisor when you’re selling them, since every collection is carefully crafted for a specific goal in terms of well-being.

In addition, you can shop large quantities of products at a fraction of the price by opting for bulk options. This is a great solution for businesses getting started in this industry, as you will have a well-stocked store and save on costs.

You can offer vapes, cartridges, flowers, concentrate, prerolls, and edibles to any shopper who goes to your pot store, and be confident in selling a high-quality product.

To apply for this program, go to the Wholesaler section and fill out the form. Chart your course to success with our unparalleled program.

How Much Can You Make Working at a Dispensary?

inheal premium vape store program

Once you start running your marijuana shop, you can earn a good income, even following the salary guide.

However, you can boost your profits by becoming an Inheal Premium Vape Store. Your earnings can be massive if you buy our wholesale options, as this will help you save on costs.

Given that cannabis is a profitable industry, by offering high-quality products with amazing flavors and aromas, and potent effects, you can be sure your customers will come back to continue buying from you.

As long as you have chosen a great location and have signed up for our program, you can generate a high revenue. Consider your overhead costs and establish a good profit margin, and you’ll see how your earnings rise.

Who Can Work at a Dispensary?

Not everyone can start a dispensary or sell THC-P products. Although it’s commonly believed that you only need money to start a business, you also need to comply with the requirements, as the licensing authorities do a background check.

The same thing applies to cannabis employees, as it’s not possible to hire some candidates due to particular reasons.

In this regard, if you want to start your herb boutique, you need to ensure you meet the criteria and legal requirements. Moreover, this applies not only to owners but also to investors, employees, and in some cases, their spouses.

First of all, if cannabis is not legal in your state, you won’t be able to launch your business and offer a cannabis job.

Under Legal Age: Can You Work at a Dispensary at 18 in the United States?

The legal age for working in the US is 14 years old. However, when it comes to looking for cannabis jobs as an underage employee, the matter is not that simple.

In most states, to get your foot in the door as an employee in a weed shop, you should be at least 21 years old. But, in some states, you can work as a budtender at 18 or 19 such as in Arizona, New York, Oregon, and California, to name a few.

In this case, it’s necessary to pass a Level II background check. And, it’s also advisable to do dispensary training to understand the job better.

The same happens if you want to start your own marijuana store. In some states, like New York, you have to be at least 18 to start your business and sell Delta-8-THC gummies and other products.

So, if you have jobs available and you want to hire underage employees, unfortunately, you can’t. Check your local laws as if you can hire them at 18, 19, or 21 to work as a receptionist.

Convicted Felons

If you want to get direct access to a dispensary license, one of the conditions is to not have a criminal record, as it’s considered a red flag.

What’s more, your team members should also not have a history of convictions or felonies. Therefore, if you want to hire a supervisor, make sure to thoroughly check this aspect.

It’s important to note that in some states they also check the applicant’s spouse’s background, and they may deny the license if your spouse has a criminal history.

Therefore, when you’re hiring, check your employee’s criminal record beforehand.

Pregnant Women

As a pregnant woman, you don’t have any restrictions if you want to start your weed shop or if you apply for the latest jobs at a herb boutique.

Nonetheless, there are some health concerns you’ll need to take into account. For example, if you get a job at a cannabis dispensary, and you’re pregnant, keep in mind that you would have to deal with a lot of smoke and smells, as well as product testing that could make you nauseous and even affect the baby.

If you want to work in a weed shop helping people who want to buy THC-A products, it’s best to discuss it with your doctor first.

Working Without a Medical Card

The licensing procedures and requirements vary depending on the state. For example, in Louisiana, dispensaries must get a license like a pharmacy. This is because the authority in charge is the Louisiana Department of Health and it only issues a license for a medical marijuana pharmacy.

In some states, like Arkansas, smoke shops must hire a pharmacist, whereas in Pennsylvania, they should hire a physician or a pharmacist. This is because they have enough knowledge about what a type of strain can do to the body.

In other states, in the cannabis service industry it is not necessary to apply for a medical card as a pharmacy.

On the other hand, a patient or customer that is looking for medicinal marijuana should apply for a medical cannabis card to purchase products in states where the law is more strict.


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by Chris Dorcey

A connoisseur of cannabis creativity and true contemplation with more than 20 years of experience, Chris extracts deep thoughts from getting lightly baked and shares his wandering mind. He blends cuisine and cannabis culture into nutritious, delicious recipes and insights for other hemp lovers.

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