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Best Stoner Snacks to Satisfy Your Munchies

Enjoying legal cannabis often comes with a side effect: intense hunger known as the munchies. When those cravings hit you need snacks that will satisfy your taste buds and fill your belly. In this guide well explore why we get the munchies the different types of stoner snacks and some of the best options to keep on hand.

Whether you prefer sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies or savory snacks like pizza rolls weve got you covered. So grab your favorite munchies and lets dive in!

Chris Dorcey
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April 15, 2024
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Best Munchies Snacks

Key Takeaways

  • The munchies are caused by cannabiss effects on hunger hormones sensory appeal and impulse control
  • Stoner snacks often fall into categories like salty/savory sweet chewy/gooey finger foods and comfort classics
  • Stock up on a variety of snacks like Doritos Ben & Jerrys ice cream chocolate chip cookies Chex Mix gummy candy and pizza rolls to satisfy any craving
  • Keep some baking sheets on hand for making your own sweet treats like cookies or brownies
  • This post may contain affiliate links to products we recommend for satisfying your munchies

Why Do We Get the Munchies?

Cannabis is known to stimulate appetite through several mechanisms. THC the main psychoactive compound in cannabis interacts with receptors in the brain that control hunger and satiety. It can boost levels of ghrelin a hormone that triggers hunger while reducing leptin which signals fullness. THC also enhances the sensory appeal of food making it smell and taste more delicious especially sweet and savory flavors like dark chocolate white chocolate and milk chocolate.

Additionally cannabis lowers inhibitions and impulse control. That means when a craving strikes youre more likely to indulge without restraint. All of these factors combine to create the notorious munchies driving you to raid the kitchen or make a snack run within 30 minutes of consuming cannabis.

Types of Stoner Snacks

When the munchies hit youll likely crave certain types of foods. Here are some common categories of stoner snacks:

Salty and Savory

Chips crackers pretzels and other salty snacks are a go-to for many stoners. The satisfying crunch and bold flavors are hard to resist when youre high. Try adding a sprinkle of sea salt to your favorite snacks for an extra flavor boost.

Sweet Treats

Candy cookies ice cream and other desserts are another popular choice. Cannabis can intensify cravings for sugary indulgences making them extra appealing. If you have a sweet tooth keep some dark chocolate or white chocolate on hand for a quick fix.

Chewy and Gooey

Gummy candies taffy and melted cheese provide a satisfying texture that feels amazing to munch on while stoned.

Finger Foods

Bite-sized morsels like popcorn nuts and mini sandwiches are perfect for mindless snacking when youre in a weed-induced haze.

Comfort Classics

Pizza mac and cheese grilled cheese and other nostalgic favorites are deeply comforting when youre high. They offer a blend of flavors and textures that really hits the spot.

Top Stoner Snacks

Now that you know why we get the munchies and what types of snacks are most appealing here are some of the best options to satisfy your cravings:


The bold cheesy flavors and crispy texture of Doritos are a stoners dream. Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese are classic choices but dont sleep on the spicier options like Flamin Hot and Spicy Nacho.

Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream

Rich creamy ice cream is heavenly when youre high and Ben & Jerrys delivers with fun flavors perfect for stoners. Dig into a pint of Half Baked (chocolate and vanilla with fudge brownies and cookie dough) or The Tonight Dough (caramel and chocolate ice creams with chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough). If youre feeling adventurous try making your own ice cream flavors with an ice cream maker.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Warm gooey chocolate chip cookies are a classic for a reason. Bake up a batch from scratch using your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe or grab some high-quality store-bought cookies. Pair them with cold milk or vanilla ice cream for an extra indulgent treat. For a fun twist try making ice cream sandwiches with your chocolate chip cookies.

Chex Mix

The blend of crunchy Chex cereal pretzels bagel chips and nuts in Chex Mix provides a medley of flavors and textures thats immensely satisfying when youre stoned. You can make your own or stock up on pre-made bags for easy snacking.

Gummy Candy

Chewy fruity gummy candies are a delight when youre high. Sour Patch Kids Swedish Fish and Haribo gummy bears are popular choices that will make your taste buds sing.

Pizza Rolls

Crispy on the outside with gooey melted cheese and zesty sauce inside pizza rolls really hit the spot when you have the munchies. Keep a bag in the freezer to heat up whenever a craving strikes. Dont forget the ranch or marinara for dipping!

Final thoughts

Getting the munchies is a common side effect of enjoying legal cannabis but with the right snacks on hand it can be a delightful part of the experience.

By understanding why we crave certain foods when high and stocking up on a range of tasty options from salty chips to sweet treats youll be ready to indulge whenever the mood strikes. Just remember to pace yourself drink plenty of water and enjoy your snacks and your high!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can definitely satisfy the munchies with more nutritious snacks. Fresh fruit veggies with dip popcorn trail mix and nuts are all great options. Look for snacks that provide a balance of fiber protein and healthy fats to keep you feeling satisfied.

Absolutely! Homemade snacks can be even more delicious and customizable. Try making your own flavored popcorn trail mix or baked goods.

You can also experiment with unique flavor combinations like chocolate-covered pretzels or maple-bacon chips.

Staying hydrated is key when you have the munchies. Water is always a good choice but you can also enjoy other tasty drinks like lemonade iced tea smoothies or milkshakes.

If you have dry mouth from smoking look for beverages that will help moisten your mouth and throat.

Its easy to mindlessly munch when youre high but there are ways to keep it in check. Try portioning out your snacks instead of eating from the bag or container.

Take breaks between snacking to assess if youre still actually hungry. And make sure to have some healthy options available so you dont only reach for junk food.

Late-night munchies can disrupt your sleep and lead to overeating. Try to have a satisfying dinner and limit your smoking close to bedtime.

If you do get hungry opt for a small protein-rich snack like Greek yogurt or a handful of nuts. And remember its okay to go to bed a little hungry – you can always have a good breakfast in the morning!


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by Chris Dorcey

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